Kadastiku 57, 21004 Narva,
info: (+372) 35 76701,(+372) 35 76705
e-mail: nakro@nakro.ee

Industrial park


Industrial Park was established on the basis of the tannery AS Nakro in 1998. Benefits of creating an industrial park in the AS Nakro:
  • favorable geographical position between the EU and Russia
  • rail
  • road connections
  • Sillamae port 30 km
  • port and airport in Tallinn 212 km developed infrastructure
  • buildings and structures of various sizes
  • здания и сооружения различной площади
  • protected area
  • qualified personnel to service communications
The first firm, OÜ Almiteks, leased premises for tailoring work shoes in 1998 and this company successfully operates in more than 16 years, today they rent two-storey building with a total area of over 700 m2. In 1998, as negotiations began with the textile firm Texball AS, which was going to organize the production of yarn "chenille" in Narva. Negotiation, renovation of premises, installation and commissioning of spinning equipment took almost a year. We consider 1998 the year of foundation of the industrial park in the territory of Narva AS Nakro.

In December 2003, a non-profit association created MTÜ Tööstuspark Intec-Nakro. Chairman and Head MTÜ Tööstuspark Intec-Nakro - Alexandr Brokk

Currently, as part of an industrial park 50 small and medium-sized companies, including the territory Kadastiku 57 - 48 companies with Estonian and foreign capital, 2 firms located outside the territory: OÜ Trükikoda Koit, Vaszali 9 and Narva branch Mainori Kõrgkool, renting the space at Kiriku 6, Narva.

Total number of employees - more than one thousand two hundred people. The territory of 17.5 hectares of the industrial park , about 90 % of the area loaded with work.



Serves as a source of power substation 110/6 m , located 5 km from the plant. Cable laid from the substation to the switchgear 6 kV , which is located on the territory of the industrial park.

The total installed capacity of transformers in the territory is 7720 kVA . Voltage distribution network - 380 , the voltage - current collectors 380/220 to have lamps - 220


Kids and adults comforters, blankets, bedspreads
Тел.: 53 430 880 – Aleksey Evgrafov

Viru Gerberei OÜ


WestWeld Consult OÜ

Тел.: 53 480 758 – Sergey Boaga

Saides Narva OÜ

Тел.: Olga Jatsenko, tel. 58 557 474

Pilotwerk OÜ

Car repair
Тел.: 55 15 542, 55 963 745 – Aleksandr Eliseev

Nexam Industries OÜ


Saros Est OÜ

stretch ceilings, Interior lighting solutions

Narva Tes Plus OÜ

Catering business

Nakro AS

Leather and leather products
Тел.: 3576701, 3576706, 3576707

Modulehouse OÜ

production of modular houses

HANZA Mechanics Narva AS


Lorinda OÜ

Sewing enterprise
Тел.: 51 927 100 – Svetlana Arakcheeva

City Car Servise OÜ

car service

ATKO Bussiliinid AS

bus transportation
Тел.: Narva – 35 76 608

Kreenholmi Manufaktuur OÜ

Fabric finish
Тел.: Dmitri Shumin, tel. 53 083 528

Polarsol Global OÜ

production of solar heating system
Тел.: Sergey Jepifanov - 56 699 200

Delux Production OÜ

sewing enterprise
Тел.: Inga Petrova – 55 90 69 31

Svigor OÜ

Sergey Gorbenko

Тел.: 58363835

Japs M.V.M AS

Seafood packaging

InterVactechnology OÜ

Production of plastic tubes for collecting blood samples
Тел.: 56 684 683 – Dmitri Starichkov

Globalfix OÜ


Idatex OÜ


Hele Ratas OÜ

Тел.: 55 981 975 – Valeri Bely


Making monuments,storehouse
Тел.: 56 900 219 – Artem Zhukov

Gevill OÜ

Тел.: 50 90 789 – Vladimir Tuleninov

Teknokolor OÜ

production of colours
Aleksandr Moiseenko

Тел.: 52 621 01

Saem Energomontaj


Olga Sultonova

Making room shoes
Тел.: 58 186 317

Etal Group AS

Production of parts for electronics
Тел.: 35 76 780 – Ilona, 35 76 781 – Elena Menshova

Eurotech Eesti OÜ

Production of monuments
Arkady Nikolaev,

Тел.: 55546099

Eesticaps OÜ

Production Paintballs

Skivers Hides AS

raw- hides wholesale
tel.: +372 35 76 763

ASG Robotics OÜ

Production of large parts of robot welding
Тел.: 53 970 774 – Sergei Gadalov, 53 987 510 – Dmitri Kitaeski


Production work shoes
Тел.: 55 15 207 – Valeri Maksimovich,55 15 307 – Oleg Milov

OÜ Bellus Furnitur

Sewing enterprise

BKK Chrome

Metalworking, electroplating, restoration and tuning of cars and motorcycles
Тел.: 51 087 06 – Igor Brokk

Promet Baltic

Spinning, weaving
Тел.: 35 76 776

AS Image Wear

Sewing company, production and sale of work clothes
Тел.: 35 76 756 – Svetlana Makarova

OÜ Alacarte Identity Clothing Service

Фирма Alacarte Identity Clothing Service, работающая на территории промпарка более 6 лет, значительно расширила свои производственные площади, предназначенные для комплектования и поставок рабочей одежды.

Это скандинавское оптово - логистическое предприятие использует складские помещения Накро – получает из стран Балтии, Украины, Пакистана и других государств швейные изделия и распределяет их по регионам мира
Тел.: 35 76 730 - Galina Malceva

Intec-Nakro Companies

In the industrial park is represented by enterprises of various spheres of activity:
  • Leather production
  • production work shoes made of genuine leather
  • production room shoes
  • production of blinds
  • production of large welded structures
  • production of colours
  • restoring old models of cars and motorbike
  • chrome plating, nickel and other metal products coatings
  • printing services
  • repair of motor vehicles
  • repair of diesel and other types engines
  • production of modular homes from natural materials
  • bus transportation
  • manufacture of parts for machinery and equipment
  • textile factory (spinning, weaving)
  • finishing of cotton and mixed textiles
Some production unique , unparalleled in the Baltics. For example, finishing factory Krenholmi Manufaktuur, handles a wide natural and blended fabrics with drawing a large range of colors.

Firm Promet Baltic, producing chenille yarn full with roughened surface. Firm BKK Chrome collects motorcycles and performs high quality and original motorbike, resulting in customers receive exclusive models of motorcycles.

Another firm, OÜ Alacarte Identity Clothing Service, working on the territory of the Industrial park more than 6 years, has significantly expanded its production capacity, designed for acquisition and supply of workwear. This Scandinavian wholesale - logistics company uses warehouses nacrite - receives from the Baltic countries, Ukraine,Pakistan and other countries garments and distributes them world regions.